Remove rear bumper (Clipper body kit)

Remove rear bumper (Clipper body kit)

My Mk1 has the 'Clipper' factory installed body kit, which includes "modernised" body-coloured bumpers (as opposed to the chrome bumpers of older Golfs). I had to remove the rear bumper to do some repairs on it.

See also How to remove front bumper.

You'll need

  • A jack and jackstands
  • A 17mm socket
  • A screwdriver
  • A drill with metal drill-bit to release rivets
  • A rivet gun with rivets (to reattach the bumper afterwards)
  • Trim removal tools (optional)

Step 1 - Jack up the car and remove the rear wheels

The corners of the bumper are screwed and riveted to the plastic inner wheel arch. You have to remove the wheels to get at them. Use jackstands to be safe.

Step 2 - Drill out the rivets and remove the screws from within the wheel arches

With a metal drill bit, drill out the old rivets (choose a drill bit that is slightly bigger than the hole in the centre of the rivet cap. Drill until this cap becomes loose. Pop the rivet out backwards.). There are about 5 rivets and 2 conventional screws each side.

Drill out bumper rivets

Step 3 - Remove the interior panels either side of the boot/trunk

The interior panels to the left and right of the inside of the boot/trunk cover the main bolts that attach the bumper. Remove these with a screwdriver and trim removal tools. Be careful as they're just plastic and can break.

Step 4 - Remove the main bolts holding in the bumper from inside the boot

With the interior panels removed you should be able to see 2 large bolts either side. Remove these with your socket. Don't worry too much about the bumper slipping out as it has quite long 'arms' that extend into the car.

Mk1 Golf Rear bumper bolts

Step 5 - Carefully slide the bumper out

You can now slide the bumper out. Be careful! It's heavier than it looks.

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