Links to information, forums and online parts stores

A list of sites which I've found useful for information, guides, or finding and buying parts.

Information, guides and resources

  • Cabby Info - Fantastic resource for Mk1 Golf Cabriolet information, guides and problem troubleshooting.
  • The Bad Habit Rabbit - DIY Mk1 Golf/Rabbit modifications and information.
  • BrokeVW - Mk1 gearbox repair information.
  • Online workshop manual
  • Meyle - remanufacturer of parts (not an online store). Good for finding part ID numbers.
  • Dacabby - A Mk1 Cabriolet restoration and modification project

Online parts shops

  • Heritage Parts Centre - UK based seller, wide range of parts for many VWs.
  • Mk1 Autohaus - US based seller, general good range of parts
  • AutohausAZ - US based seller for many Euro car parts.
  • Crazy Quiff's - UK based, great knowledge, worth seeing if you can request or track down parts.
  • Classic VW - UK based, great range of Mk1 parts, may be some issues with international delivery.
  • VWGolf1 - UK based store, good general range of parts.
  • Techtonics Tuning - US baased performance parts (eg exhuast, suspension).
  • B and B Components - UK based, eBay store, wide range of parts for many cars.
  • Mecatechnic -  France based, very decent range of parts for many Euro cars.
  • Rock Auto - US based, large spares wholesaler, large range of parts (for many cars).

Forums and help

Last updated: 15 January 2024