Just how many different models does Toyota sell?

I was in Southeast Asia recently and noticed a load of middling Toyotas that I had never heard of before, let alone seen. Vellfires, Sientas, Innovas. All different - yet in some ways similar - to what we get back home in Australia.

This got me thinking: 

If I were to walk into any Toyota dealership anywhere in the world what could I buy?

And so I went down a Toyota rabbit hole, visiting many, many, many international dealership websites, countless Wikipedia articles and loads of news sites.

From this I learnt that Toyota currently sells 54 different models of vehicle worldwide. And this doesn't include different nameplates based off the same model (EG: I've grouped the sporty Vellfire with its more stately sibling the Alphard as they're fundamentally different trim levels of the same car) or Lexus models.


A rebadged Daihatsu Ayla - a small, economic city car. Sold in many markets, including South America and South East Asia.


A mid-sized minivan sold in the Middle East and Asian markets. The Vellfire is the sporty option.

Toyota Alphard/Vellfire

Photo by Joseph Chan on Unsplash


A hybrid hatchback similar to the Prius, sold primarily in Japan, though sold in some markets as the Prius c.


A full-sized, flagship family sedan sold in North American and Asian markets.


An entry-level MPV built for and sold in Southeast Asian markets. The spiritual successor to the Indonesian Kijang.


A small (European A Segment), city car sold in the European market. Citroen and Peugeot also sold rebadged versions.

Aygo X

A small crossover intended to replace the Aygo in the European market.


A new fully electric small SUV, mainly sold in North America.


A very small, futuristic, fully electric kei car sold only in Japan.


A small, sub-compact SUV sold in Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, North America and Australia.


Arguably one of the most well known Toyotas, a mid-sized sedan sold in Australia, North America, China and Europe.

Toyota Camry for sale in 2022

Photo by Kevin Bonilla on Unsplash


The car of prime ministers, emperors and tycoons. A luxury, V8-hybrid limousine sold in the Japanese market.


Toyota's largest vehicle - a minibus, sold in almost all global markets.

Copen GR Sport

A rebadged Daihatsu Copen, sporty 2-door convertible kei car modified by Toyota's Gazoo Racing division.


The best-selling model in the world and currently in its 12th generation. The compact car has been sold in almost every continent except Africa (and Antarctica, for the pedants).

Corolla Cross

A compact cross-over, borrowing the Corrola nameplate. Sold across Asia, North America, Europe, Africa, Oceania and in Brazil.


A mid-sized luxury car sold primarily in Japan.


An economic subcompact car intended for emerging markets but currently only produced in Brazil.

FJ Cruiser

Toyota's retro-styled SUV has wrapped up production, but as of 2022 is still for sale new in South Africa.

Toyota FJ Cruiser still for sale in 2022

Photo by Brice Cooper on Unsplash


A mid-sized SUV intended for emerging markets in Southeast Asia, Brazil and South Africa.


A rebadged Suzuki Baleno sold as a Toyota in India and some African markets.


Developed with Subaru, the affordable, 4 cylinder boxer-engined powered 2+2 coupe has a large global following.


A mid-sized SUV sold in Asia and North America.


A light commercial van that also spawned luxurious passenger models, taxis and ambulances. Sold in Australia, Southeast Asia and Mexico.


A mid-sized crossover sold in Australia, Japan, China and North America.


Toyota's indestructible pickup/ute. It is sold in most markets except North America and Europe.

Toyota Hilux for sale in 2022

Photo by Cassiano K. Wehr on Unsplash


A small MPV sold mostly in South-East Asia and the Middle East.

Land Cruiser/Prado

Toyota's more family-oriented 4x4 is sold primarily in the Middle East and Australia.

Toyota Landcruiser Prado for sale in 2022

Photo by Daniel Jankovic on Unsplash

Land Cruiser 70

The rugged, utilitarian and slab-sided Land Cruiser 70 is still being sold globally, except for some countries like the US, Mexico, Brazil and Korea.


A light commercial vehicle offered as a van or small truck. Currently, a rebadged Daihatsu Gran Max. Sold in Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines.


The Mirai is a futuristic mid-sized, luxury sedan powered by hydrogen. It is currently for sale in Canada, the USA, Japan and Europe.


A minivan sold mostly in Asia. The Voxy is the sporty version, Esquire is the luxury oriented option.


A rebadged Daihatsu Boon compact car sold in Japan.

Pixis Epoch

Another rebadged Daihatsu, this time a Mira kei car. Sold in Japan.

Pixis Joy

Another of the Pixis rebadged range, this time a Daihatsu Cast with styling similar to the New Mini. Sold only in Japan.

Pixis Truck/Pixis Van

Yet another Pixis, yet another Daihatsu kei car. This time a Hijet. Available as truck and van variants, obviously.


The most famous - and first mass-produced - hybrid car in the world, the economic Prius is available globally.


A bit strange for Toyota, the ProAce is actually a Citroën Jumpy, a light commercial van.

ProAce City

Another Citroën, this time a Berlingo small commercial van.


Actually Daihatsu Rocky sub-compact SUV, the rebadged Toyota version is sold in Southeast Asia and Mexico.


The popular 'Recreational Active Vehicle with 4-wheel-drive' small SUV is sold in most markets, except the Middle East.


A very small MPV and rebadged Daihatsu Thor only available in Japan.


An Indian made, rebadged Suzuki Ertiga MPV sold in Africa.


A Daihatsu Terios min SUV sold in Southeast Asia, the UAE, Colombia, Jamaica, South Africa and Pakistan.


The huge "full-sized" SUV (the clue is in the name - redwood trees belonging to the sequoia family) was developed for, and is sold only in, the US and Canada markets.


Another small sliding-door MPV sold in Japan and Southeast Asia.


Toyota's halo car is back with a (controversial) BMW power plant. Sold in North America, Australia, Japan and Southeast Asia.

Toyota Supra in 2022

Photo by Melvin Brizuela on Unsplash


A mid-sized pick-up truck, US designed and made again for the North American markets but also available in The Caribbean.


A large pick-up truck designed to compete with the US Ram and Silverado. Similar to the Sequoia, only available in North America.

Urban Cruiser Hyryder

A rebadged Suzuki Grand Vitara compact SUV built and sold in India.


A small, sub-compact developed with, you guessed it, Daihatsu. Available in China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Mexico, Peru, and Costa Rica.


A popular sub-compact 'super-mini' available in Japan, Oceania and Europe.

Toyota Yaris GR rally racing in mud

Photo by Martin Katler on Unsplash

Yaris Cross

A subcompact crossover SUV sold in, like its little brother, Japan, Oceania and Europe.


A rugged, mid-sized SUV currently only sold in the USA.

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