How to remove the door card

How to remove the door card

Removing the door card allows access to the speakers and window winding and door lock mechanisms. Different versions of Mk1 Golfs had different trim levels with different accessories. These instructions are for a non-power window late model Cabriolet.

You'll need

  • Trim removal pry tools
  • A screwdriver

Step 1 - Remove the armrest

The the armrest or inner door handle is anchored to the door in 3 spots. There are 2 screws under the door handle - remove them. The top most part of the handle is just anchored in with a spline - wiggle it out gently to remove.

Remove door armrest

Step 2 - Remove the window winder and mirror control knob

With a pry tool gently pop the window winder crank's plastic cover off, revealing a screw beneath. Undo this.

The mirror control knob simply pulls off.

Remove window winder and mirror knob

Step 3 - Remove the door handle surround

With a pry tool unclip the inner plastic cup to reveal the screw that holds the plastic door handle surround in place. Undo this screw and slide the surround off the handle.

Remove door handle bezel

Step 4 - Remove the speaker

Remove the 2 small screws on the door-jam side of the speak cover, then slide the cover sidewards away from the door pocket. The speaker is attached to the cover. Unclip the speaker wires.

Remove speaker

Step 5 - Start unclipping the door card

In the bottom corner of the door card, where the speaker was, is another screw holding the door card to the door. Undo this. Now work your way around the fabric door card unclipping it from the door - these clips are all plastic. 

The top plastic part of the door card - if your car has one - is seperate to the plastic part and comes away separately. 

Unclip the door card

Step 6 - Unclip the tweeter wiring

Carefully lift away the door card. If your car has one, unclip the wiring for the tweeter speaker.

The door card is now free.

Tweeter speaker wiring


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